I don’t need no reason to be happy. :D

Ok, well. So i blogged yesterday after a month (Yes..exactly one whole month).
Jaundice does that to you. Fever, bed-rest, etc etc.
I missed a month of awesomness in college, missed all my articleship interviews (I’m not complaining :P), missed eating food (HELL YES! liquid diet for one whole month is so NOT cool :\),  missed being normal, in short.

But you know, the best part about having jaundice was (Positive Attitude :P) :
1) I realized how much my friends love me :). What with them calling me up every single day, and demanding health updates! Those random visits they paid, while I was asleep/half dead/writhing in pain (back ache, OUCH). Random, crazy text msgs and facebook posts :D.
yes, I realized..they love me. A lot 😀

2) A nothing-to-do month leaves you with nothing else to do, but introspection and self realization and knowing your body better and blah blah 😛

3) I realized how much i really miss college (Trust me, it’s a master realization..doesn’t happen very often). I also realized, that college CAN be super fun, and the amount of fun you have is unrelated to whether or not you are a CA student.A

4) And a few standard things like how much mom loves me and cares for me, how dad gets so worried about minor ups & downs in my health (minor?), how my darling brother gets so worried about his ailing sister..but STILL manages to pick fights with poor ailing sister (footage :P), and and and all that.

So besides missing out on college and food and normalcy, I haven’t really missed much. (How i crave panipuri, cheese grilled sandwich, jini dosa, butter idli……)
But hey! I’m getting back to co llege tomorrow 😀 :D. Ain’t that a good enough reason to be happy about?
Also, Nadal plays Djokovic in the US Open finals tomorrow..whoa!! Yo Naddu, Go Naddu! 😛
And I have to go visit my doctor on wednesday..yaay!! I’ll finally be able to ask her when I can start eating out 😛
Chalo, i shall start reading my college text books now (Haai Haai..exams ! :O)

So till the next time,
Happy Timepass-ing 😀



Someday, You will realize, that you were always wrong.
God was never on your side.

Someday, You will realize, that I’m not afraid of you.

We fear those who are capable of hurting us.

Someday, You will realize, that to kill innocent people is not a stairway to heaven.

Try being human, first.

Someday, You will realize, that with every bullet, you kill.

And kill not hope, but humanity.

Someday, You will realize, that bombs or guns or grenades do not signify strength or courage.

They highlight weakness. Exude shame.

Someday, You will realize, that you’ll never win.

To win, you need a heart, and a life.

Someday, You will realize, that I refuse to fear death.

Because death, is a part of life.
But it’s just that I don’t wish to die at the hands of a coward like You.

And maybe, that Someday, You will also understand who you really are.

And who you really killed.

Reincarnation – EXPRESSO ’10

I want to scream…i want to shout!
The anger in me has to vent out
Inside the Taj I was holed,
Memories of that night just leave me cold.

The bullets, the screams, the guns & grenades
Terror was there, our only aid.
No one could hear my vehement cry..
No one was there to see me die.

Inside my heart, I am deeply hurt
With God, my dialogue was but too curt.
“Oh God! I pray,
I don’t want to here stay.
I want to go and take my revenge..
My family’s plight & misery I want to avenge.

It was a goal- less achieved,
It was a life- less lived.
Along with me, my dreams were killed.

Its not hatred that I want to eject
Only my request, I plead, do not reject.

Its not hatred, I say again.
But its just that I have nothing to gain.
How can you let such terror fly?
But God, will thou my justice deny?

I want to go back, I want to fight
I am not just a soldier of the night.
I want to go back, give me my life…
I want to go back..enough of this strife!
Send me back to Earth, Oh God!
Another body, but the same soul..”