I don’t need no reason to be happy. :D

Ok, well. So i blogged yesterday after a month (Yes..exactly one whole month).
Jaundice does that to you. Fever, bed-rest, etc etc.
I missed a month of awesomness in college, missed all my articleship interviews (I’m not complaining :P), missed eating food (HELL YES! liquid diet for one whole month is so NOT cool :\),  missed being normal, in short.

But you know, the best part about having jaundice was (Positive Attitude :P) :
1) I realized how much my friends love me :). What with them calling me up every single day, and demanding health updates! Those random visits they paid, while I was asleep/half dead/writhing in pain (back ache, OUCH). Random, crazy text msgs and facebook posts :D.
yes, I realized..they love me. A lot 😀

2) A nothing-to-do month leaves you with nothing else to do, but introspection and self realization and knowing your body better and blah blah 😛

3) I realized how much i really miss college (Trust me, it’s a master realization..doesn’t happen very often). I also realized, that college CAN be super fun, and the amount of fun you have is unrelated to whether or not you are a CA student.A

4) And a few standard things like how much mom loves me and cares for me, how dad gets so worried about minor ups & downs in my health (minor?), how my darling brother gets so worried about his ailing sister..but STILL manages to pick fights with poor ailing sister (footage :P), and and and all that.

So besides missing out on college and food and normalcy, I haven’t really missed much. (How i crave panipuri, cheese grilled sandwich, jini dosa, butter idli……)
But hey! I’m getting back to co llege tomorrow 😀 :D. Ain’t that a good enough reason to be happy about?
Also, Nadal plays Djokovic in the US Open finals tomorrow..whoa!! Yo Naddu, Go Naddu! 😛
And I have to go visit my doctor on wednesday..yaay!! I’ll finally be able to ask her when I can start eating out 😛
Chalo, i shall start reading my college text books now (Haai Haai..exams ! :O)

So till the next time,
Happy Timepass-ing 😀


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