The perfect recipe to become the perfect techie!

Ingredients : One blogger meet (if it ain’t by IndiBlogger, then you shan’t enjoy it), loads of enthusiasm, 2 Punjabi hosts (preferably charming and humorous), twenty packets of pure fun, a chunk of Nokia, dollops of excitement, onions, 3 cups ofย games and spot prizes, one perfect and fancy venue, #NokiaApptasting, at least 300 awesome bloggers and Apps to taste.


1. First choose a perfect and fancy location (eg : Taj Land’s End) and mix it well with the IndiBlogger meet and 300 awesome bloggers on a perfect Sunday evening. Beat it well with the right amount of online publicity.

2. Add the two Punjabi hosts (Read: Rajiv Makhni, Vikas Khanna) ย and continuously keep sprinkling generous amounts of live feed to the mix.

3. Deep fry a large chunk of Nokia in twenty packets of pure fun and garnish it with ’30 seconds of fame.’

4. At the same time, heat the 3 cups of games and spot prizes in the microwave for approximately 4-5 hours and mix it well with dollops of excitement.

5. Cut the onions perfectly, with a special technique that lets the root act like a clamp.

6. Also mix a little bit of Bollywood flavour, humour, impromptu dance, quizzing and a few pints of ‘tukkebaazi’ to the games and prizes.

7. Add the Apps, to taste. Make sure that your Apps include the following: Nokia City Lens, the silent movie film director, Cocktail flow, the group shot application and new ideas for newer apps.

8. Serve hot and cold with cocktails, mocktails, the delicious IndiBlogger cake, group photographs, loads of new friends and a nice buffet.

The Chef’s personal tips:

–> Ensure that #NokiaApptasting trends on twitter. This elevates the taste.
–> Make sure that you ‘hurrr’ at the beginning of every step.
–> This meal tastes best when served just in time i.e. on the last minute i.e. just a few minutes before the deadline ๐Ÿ˜›
–> If served by a beauty named ‘Simran’, the food is sure to taste better than it usually does.
–> Eat it with a good deal of blogging and socializing with fellow bloggers.

PS : This dish was prepared fresh by the chef, for the first time, on August 19, 2012. It turned out to be so delicious, that the chef just couldn’t help but share it with everyone! ๐Ÿ™‚

Me and technology!

Technologically insufficient that I am, it came to no one as a surprise that it took me one whole month to decide upon a new phone for myself!

However, it sure surprised my friends to know that I didn’t go for a Blackberry (that’s the current trend, isn’t it?), my parents – for not once did I pester them into buying me an iPhone, but most surprised was my brother – because I actually listened to him and settled for an Android phone ๐Ÿ˜€
The transformation from using a Nokia 5233 to being the proud owner (?) of an android was indeed awesome (at least initially).
I had never really imagined myself using a device that would let me shop for ‘applications’ on an online market, neither had I expected a device to have an ‘application’ for almost every action – calls, messaging, phone lists, email, recipes, speedometer, call blocker and a horde of other apps – all just a download away!
Just like my brother, Google became a deity to worship, for me!
However, just like all good things come to an end, my happiness and newly found pride at owning an android were short lived, too.
Having had the sweet dreams of showing off my new gadget to friends, and fooling around with Crouching Panda or Talking Tom, I woke up to the nightmare of seeing my phone battery at a 15% charge! “Its the apps, didi. Start carrying your charger along wherever you go”, my Google-defensive brother argued. “WHAT!? It was at a 100% charge just last night!!”, I almost fainted. Carry my charger along? My dear Nokia never really asked me to do that! How demanding could my new phone possibly get on the first day itself, I wondered.
Barely had I come to terms with a battery that dipped faster than the temperature of Antarctica, that my explicitly demanding phone started showing symptoms of acute madness – IT STARTED HANGING every time there was an application overload!! (RAM issues- my brother explained)
What would drive a smartphone to go such lengths? Not me, for sure!ย “Its a mini robot, didi! With a highly customizable interface”, my brother tried pacifying me. Blah. As if I understand all that Greek & Latin. How was that related to my phone hanging almost 10 times a day?!
I realised, I’d have to spend at least another year and a half carrying my charger along (makes me feel like an old lady carrying her set of false teeth at all times) and managing an ‘application overload’ with the phone hanging ๐Ÿ˜
There were reports and allegations of Google having ‘borrowed’ the android design from the iPhone. But my question is, couldn’t they borrow the battery life from Nokia, instead?
So till the next time I start ranting (and my phone stops hanging), I shall relish the Eclair, Frozen Yoghurt, Gingerbread and Ice-cream Sandwich ๐Ÿ˜‰