Adios SYBCom A :)

We were meant to be different, weren’t we?

What with almost all our friends (YES! 900 of them!!) opting for Advertisement, we were only 90 of us – courageous enough to have opted for Computer Programming! 😛

We were meant to meet, weren’t we?


–> Yes! College reopened! A little more than a month to go for the dreaded IPCC results, class attendance was at its peak and most of us did not even know each other!
–> All I remember of this time is Gnanesh and I sharing our trekking experiences, Samannaaz volunteering to set up the projector in all ALL the FC lectures and Nishit happily announcing to all the professors that he was off to Harvard Summer School 😛
–> Wait! We also played our first fish pond with Deepa Ma’am and had Prajit sing in class! This was an ice-breaker, for sure 🙂


–> August came and so did the IPCC results and so did my jaundice *Sigh*

–> This was supposed to be one of the most happening months in college. The farewell programme for Mrs. Kher, Umang ’11 and loads of fun! I sure seem to have missed a lot of fun and activity! 😦
–> Oh yeah! Thanks Bhavik, for creating that fab group SYBcom A group on FB 😉


–> Jaundice over, I finally resumed college! 😀
–> A couple of weeks to exams, and there was absolute chaos in college for important markings, notes, etc etc (as usual :P)
–> I guess, most of us knew each other fairly well by now and Radhika ma’am finally managed to Gnanesh’s name right!
–> The FC project topics were announced leading to some much required excitement in an otherwise drab and exam infested month!
–> In other news, this was when we managed to extract out first free lecture from Chitra ma’am (FINALLY!! \m/), there was a mad scramble for Deepa ma’am’s famous “charts” :P, exams came. Wait. Wasn’t this was also when we started planning our super ambitious class picnic? Essel World? Remember? Oh you do? OK thanks bye! 😛


–> After almost a month and a half of ‘funning and frolicking’ we got back to college!
–> The FC skit practice was a major ice breaker, I must say.
–> We got Melanie ma’am as our new Commerce professor!
–> What I remember most is mutual grievance over the non happening of the class picnic, discussing interesting issues with Radhika ma’am in every FC lecture and hopelessly hoping to have free lectures every day! 😛
–>And remember, guys? We tricked Chitra ma’am into wasting one whole Economics lecture over the Students’ Forum discussion?! ONE WHOLE ECO LECTURE!!!! *wipes a tear* 😛
–> Boy! Hadn’t we started loving college, already? 😀


–> This was when the final installment of ice-breaking happened! College days, class picnic, FC skits et al! 😀
–> College days :
This was the best!! Carnival day, Chocolate day, Gang day, Sports day! And I absolutely love how we bonded during Traditional day! maximum attendance, but no attendance sheet :P. Antakshari, and all the singing, class photographs, endless photo sessions and rose dedications! 😉
Also, sports day was fab! (PS: Sam & I won the throwball competition! #justsaying :P)
–> FC skits :
Thank God it got pushed to Jan! Phew! Although we did practice for it, that one extra month of practice worked wonders for most us 😀
Thanks to Parv and Karishma, we finally did manage to have our first class picnic! *emotional*
Don 2, a fab lunch at RK, and some binging at Temptations got us to bond like never before! Those who missed the picnic, missed a hell lot of bonding, madness and some shameless couple stalking, too 😛


–> With the new year came a renewed spirit of friendship!
–> I simply love how Radhika maa’am coaxed us into going for Sherlock Holmes! The confrontation with Chitra ma’am, the mass bunk, almost 40 of us at Cinemax and….POPAT!!!! *ROFLOL*
This flopshow *has* to be the highlight of the month 😉

–> The first surprise birthday celebration and cake cutting happened – Karishma.
–> In other news, the FC skits were fab! We sang, we danced, we clapped, we laughed! Thank you, Radhika ma’am for coming up with the brilliant idea of having us enact a skit! Presentations would’ve been drab and boring!


–> The last month of college! 😦
–> Birthday celebrations again! – Saili, Gnanesh, Krishma. The surprises we planned for each of them were super fun! Thankfully Saili came to college, Gnanesh didn’t figure the surprise party we planned for him, Krishma didn’t turn up and left the cake for all of us 😛
–> Exam time tables, scramble for notes, free lectures and the same old story!
–> We watched Kahaani after the last exam, took a looonngg break from articleship, bade adieu and finally found some free time to cherish all the memories of the year that had just passed by! 🙂


–> The secret entrance on the 4th floor was a major life saver 😉
–> Gnanesh’s secret crush on Shephali ma’am isn’t that secret after all 😛 (OMG! I hope he doesn’t kill me for this!!)
–> Priya, we will give you a surprise party on your birthday, too 😛
–> KPK, I guess you’ll need a little more publicity! 😛 and Yash, you are free to change your name to Sachin! 😉
–> Hardik, thanks for always being such a good sport! Drumil, you need to get us the Essel World tickets now ;). Kaushal, don’t worry, you’ll pass Computers :P. Vidhi, you’ll regain your lost weight just like me. Anu, the next time, we will ensure that your gift wrapping skills are utilised to the optimum level!
–> Raj = Cute terrorist (At least Radhika ma’am says :P). Kartik, I still haven’t figured who kept putting your proxies :P. Jinal, you raised way too many queries in Don 2! Harshil, Minal, Pooja, Priya, Ankita, Meet, Riddhi, Vibhuti, Shilpi, Monal, Devanshi, Tarjani, Niyati, Ragnyi, Mitali, Shilpan, Siddharth, Nishith, Karan, Nikhil, Shruti, Isha – it was awesome to have you as friends! 🙂
–> Jay Shah will always be Jay Shah. :P. Shwet, thanks for Kher ma’am’s farewell pics!
I have tried to include everyone in this list! (At least the ones who attended :P) Please pardon me if I have missed your name. It is unintentional. Arnav, I am not mentioning you here because of your lack of attendance :P.

This was way too much nostalgia and reminiscence for me!

I’m so glad to have made awesome friends like you! Thank you for being a part of my life and making this year such a memorable one! 🙂

Years will come and years will go…but it is these memories that will remain etched in our hearts forever! 🙂 

PS: I might have missed out on a lot of other ‘College happenings’! Please feel free to add to my list of memories 🙂