The Skywalk

She knew not why she was there. It had been long since the last time she came here.
“The skywalk is so peaceful”, he had always said.

She stood there, overlooking the traffic, and smiled to herself. Smiled over memories of the numerous times he’d kept her waiting, all the fights they had had, the arguments, the disagreements, the long ‘skywalk’ talks, and the most ordinary, yet amazing friendship.

The memories were flooding into her head. There was a part of her that had always been unsure of her feelings for him. Maybe that is why she was here today, after so long and all of a sudden…to reminisce.

There was not a day when they hadn’t spoken to each other. On the days when they hadn’t, there’d be a mutual feeling of emptiness inside both of them. But now, it had been months since they last met. She was confused. Was she getting used to being without him? Or was she there because she was missing him? She eagerly wanted to know if he was missing her as much as she was missing him. Was he thinking about her as much as she was, about him? She had always thought she was strong enough. So why this outburst of emotions in her head? Was it because she really felt for him, or was it normal for her to feel that way about her best friend?

She missed those days. Weren’t they the best of friends? Why was she missing him all of a sudden now? She hadn’t really given much thought to this before. Why had doubt suddenly started creeping in then? Why was she thinking so much about him? Had she really fallen for her best friend? It couldn’t possibly be…
There were so many questions running in her head, and she wanted answers to all of them. For how long would she keep running away? She had avoided herself for a very long time now.

She was still unable to understand why she was there, at the skywalk.

Maybe it just reminded her of him. Maybe it made her realize that college was long over and that lost time would never come back to her again. Maybe it made her believe that she did love him..more than a friend..

She started walking down the skywalk, smiling again. The strong wind had now begun to blow the tresses across her face..

She wondered, maybe, it was just right that she had let things be..