(This is the toughest part of writing a random post)

Hi there!
This is one random post I am writing only to make myself laugh or turn red with embarrassment when I read it when I turn old.
But because I’m going to turn ‘old’ in like ten days, it hardly matters.

Yeah so first things first,

1. I turn 20 this month. Sigh. Should I be happy about it? Or should I crib?
Not only will my birthday mark the end of my teenage, it will also signify my entry into ‘the age’. With older age, comes greater responsibility and more nagging. Coming from a gujju family that I come from, I have observed that every time my folks want me to stop talking or want to change the topic of an (apparently) uninteresting conversation or simply want to annoy me or pull my leg, they start discussing marriage with me. What the hell?! How I should get married at 24 or 25, start seeing guys and blah blah. Gosh. Gujju families, I tell you.
But now that I know why they keep pestering me with marriage talk, all I can say is, let them go ahead and say whatever they want to say. Mom (let’s not get started on her match making abilities) and everyone else can start boy hunting for me whenever they feel like. You can join in, too. Seriously. See, why I hate ‘the age’ so much?

2. Oh, today was the defaulters’ parents meet in college. Hilarious! In a college where parents proudly discuss and compare their children’s marks, I overhead the following conversation:

Gujju Mom1 : Tamara chhokra nu attendance ketlu aayvu?
Gujju Mom2 : 54%. Tamaari baby no ketlu chhe?
Gujju Mom1 : Maari baby nu toh  68% chhe. Tamaaro baabo college nathi aavto toh kyaa jaaye chhe?
..and it continued.

Why didn’t this come as a surprise to me? Because in my college, parents want their kids to be the best in everything they do – exams, extra curricular activities and very evidently- as in this case – best defaulters, too! 😛

3. The grand Student Of The Year (SOTY) promos and music videos are out. Now now, if college life was even *this* close to how it is portrayed in the film, trust me, we wouldn’t even need the above mentioned defaulters’ meets in college. Maybe, my college principal needs to fix up a meeting with KJo or something of that sort.
The music of Barfi is so refreshing and absolutely wonderful! I guess I’ll go watch the movie only for its music. Can’t believe how Pritam came up with something so marvelous! 🙂

Ok I’ll go now.
Need to get my bags packed and fighting gear in place. Mount Mary fair begins tomorrow, which means I will have to make way through crowded streets, gawking hawkers all around the place, overcrowded/no public transportation and over exploitative rickshaw waalas. Sigh. One week of torture and trauma.
Chalo, see you.
Btw, wish me on my birthday, ok? I like getting birthday wishes 😉