Happy birthday!

Just the other day I was walking to office, trying to think of an appropriate gift
Something, just something I prayed for, to have my spirits lift.
Finding a gift is certainly the most difficult task
My confusion and helplessness, I sure couldn’t mask

Walking by, a few wise men I came across
I thought I should ask them, what would be the most appropriate gift for my dear boss.
Walking towards them, I made my way
Finally, there was some chance, of making special the 60th birthday!

“What is your idea of the perfect birthday gift?”, I asked each one
“Can you think of a gift that can be elegant, useful and yet some fun?”
I had raised an important query, I couldn’t help but feel
But wasn’t I looking out for a gift that was no less than ideal?

I’d give him the gift of courage and strength, the first gentleman promptly replied!
To do not what is easy, but always what is right.

I would bless him with hope, you know, another one said a bit slow
To be able to face all problems, and still the seeds of knowledge sow.

The power of love is everything, the third wise man said very clear.
To be able to always wipe that silent tear!

Well, what’s life without a bit of luck? The fourth man said as a matter of fact
Destiny’s account can but obviously be hacked!

Happiness is the ultimate gift dear child, the fifth wise man opined.
Won’t it be nice to leave all grief, sadness and discontent behind?

Each of the wise gentlemen had a point, I had to agree
Why then did I feel like I was still lost at sea?
I’d have to make up my mind soon enough, oh yes, I knew.
Just then, an amazing idea, right into my head flew.

Yes! strength and courage he needed enough.
Putting up with all our clumsy reports was obviously tough!

Hope is something with which he could definitely make do
The man hours won’t decrease just out of the blue!

The gift of love is very good,
To approve all our leaves.. And never be in a bad mood!

Yes, luck he will need. He will need a lot.
To eat all the chocolates and sweets, and still not get caught!

Happiness is one of the most important norms!
All of it we would like to see on our appraisal forms!

Here’s wishing you a happy birthday, dear sir.
We hope you have many many more!
Your feedback on these gifts we would definitely like to know.
No feedback forms, no hesitation.Your appreciation you can directly on our salaries show 😛