Reincarnation – EXPRESSO ’10

I want to scream…i want to shout!
The anger in me has to vent out
Inside the Taj I was holed,
Memories of that night just leave me cold.

The bullets, the screams, the guns & grenades
Terror was there, our only aid.
No one could hear my vehement cry..
No one was there to see me die.

Inside my heart, I am deeply hurt
With God, my dialogue was but too curt.
“Oh God! I pray,
I don’t want to here stay.
I want to go and take my revenge..
My family’s plight & misery I want to avenge.

It was a goal- less achieved,
It was a life- less lived.
Along with me, my dreams were killed.

Its not hatred that I want to eject
Only my request, I plead, do not reject.

Its not hatred, I say again.
But its just that I have nothing to gain.
How can you let such terror fly?
But God, will thou my justice deny?

I want to go back, I want to fight
I am not just a soldier of the night.
I want to go back, give me my life…
I want to go back..enough of this strife!
Send me back to Earth, Oh God!
Another body, but the same soul..”


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