Santa on Wheels!

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“Giving frees us from the familiar territory of our own needs by opening our mind to the unexplained worlds occupied by the needs of others.” – Barbara Bush This year, I had been waiting for Santa on Wheels (SoW) since October. Having missed it in all the previous years, I just knew for a fact […]

20 things I want to do before the year ends!

Yeah, it’s October already and even before we know it, it’s going to be December and then December 31 and we’ll all be celebrating the end of an amazing 2012 & the beginning of  (a hopefully better or equally good) 2013!

That I don’t want this year to end is another story, cuz it will, anyway. But I have a list of things I want..ok I WANT to do before this year ends.
So here it is!

1. Eat the pav bhaji & jinny dosas and the mayo cheese grilled sandwich outside college! No, I am not a food deprived kid tying to get my hands on all the food I possibly can. It’s just that..every single day, I rush to work immediately after college. Leaves me with no time to enjoy enjoy enjoy all those things that I am really going to miss in a few months’ time.

2. Do an overnight stay at my nani’s house with all my cousins there! The last time all of us came together and had such awesome fun was…ok wait….umm..way back?

3. Travel from first station to last station on:
— Western Railway line
— Harbour Line
— Central railway line (This alone might take me one whole day! :P)

4. Go chaat- tripping across the city! All of us have our favourite chaat places -Elco, MM or the awesome pani puri waala near juhu circle! Why not try all of them out? 😉

5. Publish at least 15 more blog posts 😛

6. Finish reading all the awesome books that have currently piled up in my drawer. Trust me, it’s not easy with my crazy schedules 😐

7. Give all my friends their long overdue birthday gifts 😛

8. Click as many photos as I can – of college, friends, family, the city, the sea and all things I love.

9. Maintain a good work-life balance i.e.
Work – 10,     Life – 90 😛
(Now hoping against hopes for my office folks to not read this :P)

10. Watch as many movies as I can. Re-watch the POTC series and all the Nolan movies 😀

11. Visit the Gateway of India and take a jetty ride! The last time I visited the place was like 13 years back! 😐 

12. Get my best friend a girlfriend.

13. Attend a music concert!! Like’s high time I attended one. (Oh! and watch a live match, too. Koi bhi sport chalega yaar..any match..just one live match!)

14. Start writing a diary. Multiple reasons for wanting to write one – eg : I’d love to laugh myself crazy, when I open the diary and read it years later!

15. Start studying for my board exams. OK, that’s asking myself for too much, but just a *little* bit of studying will save *major* dark circles, no?

16. Wear a sari. Also attend a wedding, maybe? I’m one of the major-wedding-haters. But doing CA makes one make weird choices, no?

17. Join some dance class and learn some dance form! What a stress buster dance is!

18. Go to Colaba causeway! My first time, it will be. *runs away*

19. Take my brother out for a good meal to wherever he wants! This is long overdue, too! (I know he’s not going to read this, so it’s ok to say :P)

20. Learn to cook and write more meaning stuff on the internet. Bye!

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