Smile, have a good day!

So, when was the last time you thoroughly enjoyed yourself, or laughed, or smiled?
Does our daily schedule leave us with no time to feel good about ourselves? Is our life so hectic, that we don’t even remember what it is to smile?
Come on..nudge yourself! When was the last time you smiled?

Do you smile a cheeky smile when you realize that you’ve overslept, and will now have to run out of home or walk that extra mile?

When have you read the newspaper..and smiled because you realized that there was nothing worth the read?

Do you try to smell the morning breeze..the dew, the trees, the leaves and sun..and hug nature with a smile?

How many times have you tripped on that stone that you promised you wouldn’t oversee, but still smiled to yourself because it tricked you once again?

Of late, have you looked into the mirror and smiled, because you thought you looked great?

Have you missed a bus or a train and still smiled to yourself, just because you let all the bad luck drain?

You pass your school and college. Do those memories come flashing by and make you smile? 

The street kid at the signal you always pass..maybe he’s waiting for you to high five him someday..and wave off with a smile!

When the little boy down the lane wishes you a good morning, do you greet him back with a smile?

A nice memory come flooding into your head in the train. Did you smile to yourself without any apprehension of how (silly) others may think you are?

As juvenile as it may sound..when your crush passes by, do you do as little as, blush with a smile? 😉

Or did you indulge yourself at the coffee shop with your favourite drink and some yummy cookies..and did you smile after spending with yourself, some quality time?

Have you fought with your family or a friend, and yet had the courage to walk up to them, apologize and make up with a smile?

Or have you had to overtime..but still smiled to yourself..just because you had nothing better to do?

You meet your favourite people and aimlessly pass some of your precious time. Do you *still* smile and appreciate yourself for letting out that inner child?

The mother has cooked the food of your choice at home, after a long and tiring day at work. Do you feel happy and thank her with a smile?

How many times have you smiled innocently to your strict teacher or the grumpy boss and made him feel awful for being mean to you? 😛

Every day, every moment..we have so many opportunities to smile!
Maybe, the world won’t be that boring a place if all just got up and smiled! So smile, and have a good day 😉

Photo credits: and random google finds.


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