Your lotus eyes, they have a certain spark
You may not say much to me, but they speak a thousand words.

Yes, my heart yearns to see you, Oh holy one,
With your ways divineĀ 
With the mellifluous raagas and tunes on your flute,
Won’t you make me understand the meaning of this life?

I don’t want to be your lover…No.
But I love you, as immensely as I can.
I don’t want to keep you to myself, but share you with all…with love.
I don’t know what to think of you…but this soul truly and deeply admires you.
Can I but look at you as a mentor…a teacher…a guide…or the greatest friend?

What is it about you that makes me feel so connected to you?
What kind of magnetic force do you possess?
Are you the sun..or the wind..or an ocean of kindness as they say?

I think about you with every breath I take.
Why then is it so difficult for me to express my imagination of your beautiful face?

Can I make you my universe, oh calm one with wisdom immense?
Only your smile with all its innocence is sufficient. I will worship you, all my life.
My mind wanders and my heart ponders to decipher your mysterious ways – both naughty and nice.
Oh charming one, with your skin as dark as blue
Do I still need to say how dearly I love you?