Isn’t it time we got inspired.. true heroes? 🙂


She is a petite female boxer from a country largely run by men, a Christian from a land dominated by Hindus and Muslims, a member of a hill tribe from a tiny Indian state bordering Burma. Mary Kom, or to use her formal name, Chungneijang Hmangte, is an anomaly on a small Indian Olympic squad that consistently underperforms at the Games. But the 29-year-old mother of two is one of her homeland’s top medal prospects, competing on Aug. 5 as the sole Indian entrant in women’s boxing. Her event, the 51-kg flyweight class, is in itself a milestone: women’s boxing is debuting at the London Games, and Kom’s weight class, the lightest, will be the first up in women’s-boxing history.

Boxing tends to be packed with redemptive tales of poor kids done good. But Kom was poorer than many and has come further than most. Her parents were landless…

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