Have you seen the stars in the sky?

Just general notes I’d like to make in public. Yeah. They’re absolutely not related to the title of this blog.


1. Did you, by any chance, happen to see the sky today? Boy! It looked beautiful, as always. 🙂

2. Dear awesome new shoes,
I paid a bomb for you to look awesome on my feet. NOT for you to give me those painful and ugly shoe bites. No.

3. I saw Vicky Donor today! SO what if I went to watch it straight from work along with my auditee? At least I watched it! Hah.

4. Will I ever get to watch a match LIVE in the stadium? Well, if they keep selling tickets costing 500 bucks for 1500 in black, maybe I never will.

5. Oh yes. I watched two awesome movies yesterday – The Departed and Following. If you haven’t watched these already, then go watch. NOW.

6. Another general question – Do stat auditors *have* to be respected more than internal auditors? That’s a rhetorical question. DOn’t answer. Please.

7. My next post will probably be a poem on stars or something else more Luna Lovegoody.

8. And if you think I need to stop this torture and go get a life, then maybe you should pray to God to give me a little bit of sarcasm, too. I’ve been praying for it for quite some time now.
Not that I want to be nasty or something, but I’ve just generally been wanting to drip with sarcasm ever since I started reading Ashish Shakya. You won’t blame me for that, I’m sure.  Being mean is fun sometimes, isn’t it 😉

9. Some posts don’t have a reason, nor do they have a story. This is one of those.
Bye Bye.
Happy reading. Happy praying (sarcasm, remember? *runs away*)


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