Satyamev Jayate.

I was chatting with a bunch of friends in the morning. Surprisingly, at 11am, almost all of them went offline. It was only then that I realized, it was 11am!! Wasn’t it May 6 today? Yes, Satyamev Jayate.

My TV has conked off since quite some time. So I’ve been accustomed to living a TV-less life for a while now.
Being a regular tweeter that I am, it is so easy to receive first hand information or reviews or any content (which may or may not be) of national (or any other) interest.

So just when I logged into my twitter account, it wasn’t very surprising to see ‘Amir’ trending already.
But what was most baffling and surprising, was the negative approach with which so many people reacted to the show.
Of course there was a lot of appreciation for the show. For Mr. Khan. For  what the show stood for.

The fee amount charged by Aamir Khan for being a part of this show. A lot of people have issues with the fact that Mr. Khan has apparently charged an amount of Rs. 3 crore to be a part of the show. If he were that patriotic, he would have donated that big an amount to charity, they said. If he were that patriotic, he would have done a show as noble as this one for free. Is it patriotism?  Nah. Publicity? Maybe.

Now I have some points to make here.

1. Haven’t we had enough of this cynicism? Yes. It is cynicism and NOT skepticism. If you expect everyone who is patriotic to work for free, then in that case we must ask our army, navy and air force to work for free, too. As it is they don’t get paid much. So we might as well ask them to work for free. In a broader sense, everybody who earns any money SHOULD donate it to charity. How else will they be patriotic? Have working for free or donating one’s hard earned money become such important criteria for commenting on how patriotic one is?
Come on, people! He is an actor. It is his job, his profession. If you expect him to work for free or donate his earnings to charity just to prove how patriotic he is, then you really need a reality check.

2. As for the publicity, I believe it takes guts and immense belief to stand up for a cause like this. To air a show on a Sunday morning, to go all out to publicize it, to work to make people aware of it. Let’s not forget the many other ‘actors’ who have charged equally exorbitant prices to host or perform in game shows or dance shows. Let’s not forget, Mr. Khan could have very well done that. But he chose to be a part of this show. He chose to make a difference. At least he tried to.

3. Honestly, how would the amount charged by Mr. Khan even matter to you? Even if he had to do it for free, WE – yes people like you and me – would have done and said just what we did and said today –  Questioned his intentions, the amount he charged, how boring the show was and how we all wasted a precious Sunday morning watching a patriotic show?
Who are we trying to fool here?

Now, I haven’t watched the show myself. So it would be inappropriate for me to comment on the content of the show.
But what I am trying to ask is, why have become so cynical and so negative in our approach?

Here’s a man who is trying to highlight issues that would have otherwise remained mere ticker updates on news channels. Here’s a man who wants to bring about awareness. So what if he is charging an amount for something that is a part of his profession? Why are we questioning his intentions so ruthlessly? More importantly, can you think of ONE patriotic thing that you have done in your lifetime, moreover for free? How then, can you be ‘skeptical’ about a man who actually had everything to lose while taking this decision?

The point here is not about Mr. Khan. It could have been anyone else in his place.
My concerns and reactions, even then, would have been the same. Why question just one man alone?

It is not about “how a man who left his wife and kids is attempting to be patriotic” (Someone happened to tweet this, too) . That is a very sad digression from what you actually wish to opine on.
This debate about one particular man actually took away all credit from the content of the show itself.

If you are waiting for a pure, immaculate knight in a shining armor to come and rescue our country from the political, financial or social mess that it is in, then you will be waiting forever.
Everybody has a history or a sad past that they might not be very proud of. As far as people are concerned, you cannot expect them to be either black or white. Why? All of us have our shades of grey.
Maybe we should just learn to appreciate what others do, instead of questioning or complaining about all that they haven’t done.
Maybe ALL of us need to try to look at the positive side of things people do, instead of criticizing what we believe is wrong. Maybe that’s the only chance we have.

No body is perfect, people. Neither are you.


Have you seen the stars in the sky?

Just general notes I’d like to make in public. Yeah. They’re absolutely not related to the title of this blog.


1. Did you, by any chance, happen to see the sky today? Boy! It looked beautiful, as always. 🙂

2. Dear awesome new shoes,
I paid a bomb for you to look awesome on my feet. NOT for you to give me those painful and ugly shoe bites. No.

3. I saw Vicky Donor today! SO what if I went to watch it straight from work along with my auditee? At least I watched it! Hah.

4. Will I ever get to watch a match LIVE in the stadium? Well, if they keep selling tickets costing 500 bucks for 1500 in black, maybe I never will.

5. Oh yes. I watched two awesome movies yesterday – The Departed and Following. If you haven’t watched these already, then go watch. NOW.

6. Another general question – Do stat auditors *have* to be respected more than internal auditors? That’s a rhetorical question. DOn’t answer. Please.

7. My next post will probably be a poem on stars or something else more Luna Lovegoody.

8. And if you think I need to stop this torture and go get a life, then maybe you should pray to God to give me a little bit of sarcasm, too. I’ve been praying for it for quite some time now.
Not that I want to be nasty or something, but I’ve just generally been wanting to drip with sarcasm ever since I started reading Ashish Shakya. You won’t blame me for that, I’m sure.  Being mean is fun sometimes, isn’t it 😉

9. Some posts don’t have a reason, nor do they have a story. This is one of those.
Bye Bye.
Happy reading. Happy praying (sarcasm, remember? *runs away*)