Celebrating imperfections.. Celebrating happiness!!

Happiness is not a station you arrive at, but a manner of travelling.
–  Margaret Lee Runbeck

All of us want to be happy don’t we?

Every person has a different meaning and a different understanding of happiness.

While some may relate happiness to the feeling of elation on securing the first rank in an exam or winning a race, some might believe a happy life to be one without any problems or ups & downs.
Many say that they will be happy when they achieve their goals – impress the boss or get that promotion or bag that new project.

But does it mean that we can be happy only when get something that we’ve always wanted or achieve success? Does it mean that we have to work towards being happy? Does it mean that we can be happy only on the happening of a certain event in our life? Does it mean that we aren’t happy already? Or does it it mean that we haven’t been happy all along?

It’s funny how we manage to associate such an intimate and lovely emotion with the happening or non happening of events that don’t even matter!
We always remember to fret about the things we don’t have and be unhappy about the most trivial matters – missing a bus, that tiny freckle on the face, being shouted at by your boss or being stuck in traffic for a little longer than usual. But how many times have really appreciated what we’ve got? How many times have we looked up and thanked that Someone sitting up in the sky for the amazing day that we’ve had? Or how many times have we simply thanked Him for giving us the beautiful life that we have..something that so many others haven’t been lucky to get?!

I believe that happiness comes from within us. We don’t need a reason to be happy! Aren’t we happy already? We may not be perfect..we might not be the best..we might not be flawless..but we can be happy, right?

I find myself always walking alone
To be happy, I had never known.
I always wondered if I was as good as everyone said
Why was I of opinions always scared?

I’d always envy my friend who had more shoes
Why don’t I have as many, I’d always muse.
I had always expected God with me to cheat
Until I saw that man on the street, without any feet.

I’d complain of wearing specs to be a pain
I’d view the ugly object with disregard and disdain.
Until I saw the child without an eye
Who could only feel the drops of rain falling from the sky.

I’d wished to live in a bigger space
I’d wished to have a prettier face.
Until I saw the woman with her face so scarred
Her little abode the fire had charred.

I feel bad about not winning that prize
I wonder if I’ll ever be able to from the ashes rise.
Until I see the young man losing his battle for life
With nothing left, but only a crying wife.

But now, every morning I wake up and smile
And thank God for this beautiful life.
The journey of life I walk, mile after mile
Why! There’s so much joy, so little strife.

Well, isn’t it rightly said that its the journey that matters more than the goal?
Wouldn’t life be much better if we learnt to celebrate all our imperfections and be happy and uncontrolled?
Love your life. Love yourself for what you are. You are special. Be happy! 🙂
(Photo credits : Images from a random google search )

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