Random Ranting

Hello world!
Here I am, ending my no-blogging streak with a rant (or two). Read it. Maybe you’ll be able to relate to most of it, if not all. What a day. *sigh*.

1. Just when I decide to take my car out on an otherwise not-so-happening Sunday, all hell decides to break loose. Rickshaw-wallas jutting in from all directions, dug up roads and mental pedestrians trying to cross the road like they’ll be rewarded for troubling any ..i repeat, ANY motorist they possibly could manage to trouble.

2. The house help is on leave. Yes. The house help is on LEAVE!! My weekend was totally occupied with all the household chores. No, I don’t have a problem with that. But I do have a problem with not watching movies on weekends, not reading books on weekends, not hanging out with friends on weekends, not going out with family on weekends…and I’m assuming you’ve understood.

3. My writer’s block refuses to go. Simply refuses. Oh why does it refuse to go? My drafts folder contains almost 5 unfinished pieces, and this damned block refuses to go :-\

4. Also, my best friend who wasn’t the least interested in watching any IPL match finally gets free tickets to one! And me..yes ME! I’ve always wanted to watch a match, any damn match, in the stadium..and I’m stuck here without any tickets. Life is so unfair. *sighs again*

5. So what if I didn’t go for the match? Did MI *have* to lose to KXI ?? Yeah not that I’m interested, but did MI *have* to lose to KXI ??

I know I sound like a cranky old whine box. But I hope you understand how much weekends mean to me.
Ok so I’m done with all the ranting. Phew! Feels good now.
Also, this is easily the most senseless and random post that I could have come up with, excuse me.
Now I shall go and try writing another post..tataaa πŸ™‚

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4 responses to “Random Ranting

  1. Well I can relate to 3 points out of that 5 . specially the driving one…boy it sucks…
    1.What i have learned is to go out at night for a drive.
    2.When maids goes on a holiday do the chores as soon as possible
    3.If you don’t get tickets to the Favorite show you hope that the thing happens again!


    • Driving! And rickshaws! It’s so tiring, that I wouldn’t even mind walking to wherever I want to go πŸ˜›
      I know IPL will happen again. So I’m ok :).
      But the next time around, I’m definitely going to beat the ‘black mein bechnewaala guys’ to the tickets B-)


  2. I seriously could relate to the 5th point cos yeah it really happend with me last week …..sheshh…it was the worst feelin my best frnd had grant stand tickets wher i could sit with most of the cricket players & stars n yes i went till the stadium bt a major mishap happened n i had to return al the way down til my place alone n …..every1 was enjoyin d superbe win !!!……..i was lik so cranky & whining about it …….d whole weekend ……bt smetimes the universe wants smetn else ……n u cant plan stuff !!! life is widout a plan …..n not according to the plan…….cheers.


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