The Queen’s Necklace

On an early day off from work, I decided to walk back to Churchgate station from Nariman Point. Not surprising, because there is something about the Queen’s Necklace that gets people to come back there. Again and again.

The cool wind was brushing across my face, and joyfully messing up my hair.
The waves danced all the way and happily hit the rocks with loving care.
I looked around and observed that there were so many people walking there.
It felt like the city, after all its hustle & bustle, finally had a few moments to spare.

The sunset could easily make for the most beautiful site.
Yes, this was supposed to be a city that never sleeps, not even at night.
It wasn’t the setting sun alone that shone, there was some other shining light.
Every passerby had a fierce dream in his eyes, gleaming with all its might.

The little girl must have come here for her study break
Wondering what she must of her future make
Was she thinking of how much more effort she’d have to take
Before she could chase her dreams, for her parents’ sake. 

There was a group of middle aged women that was walking by
Gazing at the sky and, maybe, waiting for a chance to try
Maybe it was time to let the apprehensions die
Maybe it was time to break the traditions and fly very high.

The old man must have come for an evening walk
With nothing much, but only memories of the past to stalk
It felt like he dreamed of having with him his grandchildren  play
It looked like he just wanted the happy moment to stay.

The man sitting on the carved stone held his gaze
Maybe he was wondering why his life was such a maze
He could have been dreaming of how, some day, he’d make it big
And waiting for the day when he’d be the undisputed king.

Maybe the love struck couples, too, were there for a reason, after all
Waiting to take that one last call
They might have been dreaming of a bright future that lay ahead
Why were they then, still so scared?

The tiny tots running up and down also caught my eye
The happiness on their faces, not a million dollars could buy
How they lived each moment at a time was so inspiring
The innocent smile on their face, I was silently admiring.

The walk to Churchgate station wasn’t a bad idea, after all. The beautiful Queen’s necklace had managed to leave me enchanted once again.

Sometimes, I just cannot help wonder – Why is Mumbai called the city of dreams?

We’re all strangers, but then how can we still each other’s minds read?

Photo courtesy : A beautiful image by Pranav Negandhi –


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