Let me go down Mumma..I want to play

To become a Star was in my might.
Shining out bright, in the night.
I was a piece of unmoulded clay.
Let me go down mumma, I want to play.

I scored 85 mumma, is that bad a fare?
i had tried my best, mumma. I did, i swear.
Was this God’s way of punishing me, I wondered.
At home, on seeing my marks, my parents thundered.

I thought education meant learning, mumma.
All my teachers said that I was a gifted child.
Mumma, I promise I had studied night and day.
Atleast now let me go down Ma, I want to play.

Competition was not worthy of me, mumma.
Those groundings, those shoutings, those punishments,
those whips.
To go to the doctor, were my only trips.

One day, I assured you, of becoming a BIG star.
But on my body, mumma, you left more than one scar.
After all this mumma, just one option I had.
To leave this world, and go to God’s own pad.

I was tired mumma, of all the beatings & scoldings.
I wanted to end it, I wanted to cry.
Just a small hug..or your smile, Ma, would have made my day.
I want to go down mumma, I want to play.

The sleeping pills were my only hope, Ma.
I will certainly be happy with God.
Now daddy & you will have nothing to worry..
No bad papers, no bad marks..just a naughty ME to bury.

Don’t you cry, mumma. I know I am safe.
I’m sorry I failed the test of life mumma,
the competition I couldn’t take.
But i hope God will send me back, Ma, with a brain less fake.

I love you, mumma. I was good in my own way.
Let me go down now, I want to play.
I’m sorry mumma, I was such a waste.
But now see me Ma, I’m shining up there,
shining up bright in the sky.
Let me go down, Ma. Just let me go fly.


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