Here I am!

Ok. So I haven’t blogged in a very (very very) long time!
Taking over from my last blog, I’ve finally gotten back to eating normal food (an official goodbye to jaundice :D). Nadal lost the US Open finals to Djokovic, and I started working. Finally!

Umm..well, this post really has no purpose as such. I have absolutely no idea of what I’m typing!
Maybe this was just to let the world know that I’m still alive somewhere  (not that the world knows..or cares..but then, neither do I :P)

I stop here. I guess I’ll have a good laugh at these silly posts of mine a couple of years down the line 😛

Till then, live love & laugh!

PS: –I wish I hadn’t wasted my precious Sunday on reading Revolution 2020. *guilt*
–There’s a new movie coming up..”mujhse fraaandship karoge” *pukes*
–Stupid Gnanesh has put my name in for the Diwali function at the workplace. I can’t dance, neither can I sing, nor can I act. So basically, I’m in big trouble. *what to do*  *kthxbai*


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